March 15, 1964

First Organizational Meeting is held

March 22, 1964

The second Organizational Meeting is held

Other interesting facts about the history of the Vernon Township Ambulance Squad:

  • John Seckler donated land in Highland Lakes to build an ambulance building.
  • In the year 1963, seven men founded the Vernon Township Ambulance Squad Inc #1 and formed the charter.

Those men were:

  1. Parker Adelberg
  2. Frank Altamura
  3. Kenneth Cleveland
  4. John Leeds
  5. Howard McGuire
  6. Jack Reeth
  7. Dalton Shimko
  • When the VTAS was started, only the Highland Lakes area was served. A few months later, they found they needed to cover the rest of the Township.
  • In the old days you sat by the phone to get a call. This was dedication to our community.
  • The requirement was First Aid, childbirth, C.P.R., defensive driving, and extraction.
  • As time went on, the need for a building in the Valley became evident. Robert Baldwin Sr. donated the land on Rt. 94, behind the Dairy Queen.
  • Forty years later, “The Squad” stands strong and proud with fully qualified E.M.T. to serve the community 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.