Vernon Township Ambulance Squad

VTAS is a non-profit, volunteer organization that has been serving the residents of Vernon since 1964.

The volunteers who join VTAS have chosen to be among the select few who selflessly volunteer their personal time for the welfare of the community.

We invite you to browse the pages of our site to learn more about us.

Want to be an EMT? Serve your community?

We need YOU and will even pay to send you to school!

Vernon Township Ambulance Squad needs YOUR help, to help us save lives!

Serving the community since 1964, our purpose and goal have always remained the same. Provide the best possible care for our patients, and continue to serve our beautiful town and its people.

Each of our volunteers is dedicated to our goal, and executing it to the best of their abilities. We currently have members of all ages, backgrounds, and careers. This made our group very diverse and easy to adapt and relate to. Which has given new members the ability to quickly feel ‘At home’ and accepted.

Are you, your friends, or your family members interested in becoming a volunteer first responder? Are you looking to become an EMT?

Unsure if EMT is for you, but still want to volunteer and serve our community? Looking to get your feet in the door in emergency services and gain experience?

We are currently looking for volunteers for all positions!


Note- You do NOT need to already be or have a desire to be an EMT to volunteer. First aiders and Drivers are needed also, each position is just as important. The more the merrier!